Fair Deal Panel Survey

Please take some time and complete the Alberta Fair Deal Panel survey available here.

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Canada passenger trains to run again, pipeline protests block freight

Passenger operator VIA Rail Canada said on Tuesday it would soon resume partial services between Quebec City and Ottawa while the government sought to end anti-pipeline protests that are blocking rail freight in eastern Canada.Read more about it here.

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Rally 4 Resources Red Deer Pipeline Rally

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Bill C48 defeated in Senate, but legislation not dead.

A federal ban on tanker traffic off British Columbia’s north coast, bill C48,  has been defeated in a Senate committee. The committee’s five Conservative senators voted against it, joined by Alberta independent Paula Simons.

Five other independents and one self-identified Liberal voted in favour. Read more about it here.

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Wespro Has Moved!

We have moved! Effective April 01 Wespro will be located in a brand new facility at 6608 – 41 Ave, Ponoka.

Our new mailing address is, 6608 – 41 Ave, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1J8

All other contact information remains the same.

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Canada Action Convoy To Ottawa

A coalition of grassroots pro resource groups is organizing a convoy from Western Canada to Ottawa and hosting a rally on Parliament Hill. This project is a massive undertaking that no one group can fund on their own. Canada Action would like to be able to fully fund any participants who want to join but can’t, due to finances. Find out more information about the convoy here:

Donations to the Canada Action convoy to Ottawa can be made on Go Fund Me:

Any individual or group who wishes to join the convoy can email Canada Action at

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Canada Action Presents Vivian Krause: The Cause of Oil Price Discounts

Hear Vivian Krause present her research on the foreign funding against Canadian pipelines in Calgary on the 7 and 9, Red Deer on the 8, and Edmonton on the 12.

If you care Canadian energy sector and its often unfair treatment at the hands of non-Canadian supported protest groups, then you probably know about Vancouver-based independent researcher and writer Vivian Krause.

Her carefully documented research on the funding network of foundations and their influence on Canadian anti-energy groups is becoming both widely known and highly valued by interested citizens of every stripe from coast to coast to coast.

Please attend our upcoming events next week. Here are the details.

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Brad Wall: Bill C-69 presents a serious risk to Canadian industry and prosperity

Bill C-69 will have dire effects on not only the Canadian oil and gas industry, but ultimately the entire economy. Read what the former Premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall has to say about it here.

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GHG emissions would drop if world’s oil producers followed Canadian industry rules

New research suggests Canadian oil is among the world’s most carbon-heavy, but Canada’s industry also has rules that could make a big dent in global greenhouse gas emissions if they were adopted worldwide. Read more about it here.

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Alberta, oilpatch begin public fight with federal government.

A private spat between Alberta and the federal government is becoming a public fight focused on Ottawa’s proposed clean fuel standard — a measure aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions with significant economic consequences for many industries, including the oil and gas sector. Read more about it here.

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